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Sample Content

Sample content for peer support group meetings

The following is a sample list of topics (not an exhaustive list) that can be incorporated into peer support meetings over time.

  • Intake and Assessment
  • Forensic Interview/MDT Meeting
  • Referrals and Follow-up
  • Case Review
  • Prosecution/Post-Disposition
  • What worked well
  • Improvements needed

Review/Discussion of Current Research and its Relevance to Practice

Resource Sharing - sharing of written and electronic information, tools, etc.

MDT Challenges

  • Non-offending caregivers
  • Co-occurrence of domestic violence and child abuse
  • Child-on-child cases or children with sexual behavior problems
  • Working with dual caregivers
  • Cultural or linguistic barriers
  • Enforcement of victim rights
  • Systemic challenges for clients (e.g., child protective services, CJS, housing, etc.)
  • Prosecutorial decision-making
  • Mental illness substance abuse, or homelessness
  • Building family resilience

Vicarious Trauma/Secondary Traumatic Stress - individuals & organizational impact and responses And more...

See Field Guide to Family Advocacy for sample questions at the end of each chapter that can be adapted for use in peer discussions.