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Sample Questions

sample questions for assessing peer support meetings



Feedback from peer support participants and facilitators is critical to ensuring an effective and meaningful process for all and  it meets the stated and agreed upon goals. Soliciting feedback from participants’ supervisors to help assess whether peer support contributes to improved practice may want to also be considered.

Throughout the process, input and feedback can be solicited informally before, during and after peer support sessions. In addition, CACs are encouraged to consider soliciting feedback in a more formal manner via confidential surveys that can be implemented electronically (e.g., SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics). The following sample questions may guide survey development and ultimately help inform the ongoing development of peer support forums. Survey responses can be in the form of Yes/No, a Likert scale, comment boxes or a combination.

  • How did day, time, location, frequency, in-person vs. virtual work for you?
  • Was it difficult to set aside the time for these sessions given all the demands of your job?
  • What would help make peer support sessions more accessible?

As with all meetings, live or virtual, some people are more talkative than others for a variety of understandable reasons.

  • How comfortable did you feel sharing your questions and experiences? (On a scale of 1 to 5 – least comfortable to most comfortable)
  • In your view, would it have been better if the facilitator called on each person to speak? Yes / No
  • What made it comfortable? (comment box)
  • What made it challenging? (comment box)
  • Is following a standard format helpful? Why or why not?
  • Is the format effective? Always / Usually / Sometimes / Never – Please explain (comment box)
  • Is an agenda and guiding questions in advance helpful to prepare for the discussion? Yes / No Please explain (comment box)
  • Are Victim Advocate Peer Support sessions valuable to your professional development? Yes / No / Maybe – Please explain (comment box)
  • How have they helped you strengthen your professional practice with clients? With the MDT? With your victim advocacy colleagues?
  • Would you like them to continue? Yes / No / Maybe – Please explain (comment box)
  • If they are to continue, what are your recommendations for future format and content?
  • What are your recommendations about day/time/frequency/in-person vs. virtual?
  • Would you prefer an outside facilitator or rotate that role among yourselves?
  • What other suggestions do you have to make this a valuable professional experience?