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Victim Advocacy Community

Are you a victim advocate looking to connect with other advocates? Join the National Children’s Alliance (NCA) Engage Victim Advocate Community to network and share resources. Engage provides an online forum where victim and family advocates can connect with each other and share knowledge, resources, and tools. The forum will contain various topics/areas of interest for victim advocates to engage in conversation, share what’s being done at their children’s advocacy centers (CACs), and/or offer support and new ideas.


  • The Victim Advocate Community is designed for victim service providers from diverse agencies including, but not limited to, those employed by:
    • CACs
    • Community-based agencies (e.g., DV, sexual assault/rape crisis)
    • Police departments
    • Hospitals
    • Prosecutor’s offices

How to Get Started

  • Sign up and create a profile to join in on the discussions of various topics and questions from other victim advocates.
  • Check out the list of “Communities” and be sure to add the group to your list of communities.
  • Once you become a member of the Victim Advocate Community you will see a thread of various topics in which you can engage. Start off with the “Introduce Yourself” forum.
  • Then join in on any other discussion topics or create your own, remembering that your questions, ideas, or challenges may be helpful to others who have the same.
  • Use the Victim Advocate Community Library to share and obtain helpful resources and tools.