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Ground Rules

Ground rules for peer support groups

  • Bring your full self to the group – avoid distractions and multitasking. This is YOUR time and you deserve it.
  • Be open-minded and non-judgmental – remember that practices and experiences may vary
  • Be confident – no question, idea, problem or challenge is wrong or “dumb” – remember that undoubtedly others have the same question and you are helping by raising it
  • Be respectful of each other’s perspectives and privacy
  • Be mindful of the importance of inclusivity – we want everyone engaged and actively participating
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  • Call in or log on 2-3 minutes early to ensure the group can begin and end on time, out of respect for everyone’s schedules
  • Avoid speakerphone and use of other devices that can cause static or distraction, if at all possible
  • Announce yourself when you join, if using a conference call
  • State your name to the group each time you begin to speak so everyone knows who is speaking
  • Speak slowly and clearly and try not to talk over another speaker
  • Mute yourself unless you are speaking, to avoid background noise
  • Avoid multitasking
  • Have the agenda accessible for reference
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